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Saving money on your wedding expenses

A wedding is no small thing to organize, and being able to put everything together, and survive it financially, will take same skills. However, just because it is a wedding, does not mean that you should spend all your money on this special day, if you plan it out carefully, you will be able to even save some money.

When will it all happen?Saving money on your wedding expenses by

Before you even start planning and thinking about what needs to be done, it is first and foremost very important that you set the date. This will be crucial, because if you do it in the off-season, chances are that you can get a huge discount, and you will be able to save a lot, which you can reuse to spend on something else. Just try to avoid months with horrible weather for a better wedding.

Who can make the list?

Even though it would be nice to call in all your friends and family to celebrate this joyful day with you, it would be simply too expensive. For that reason you will have to cut down the guest list to size, so that it will be possible to invite all who matter, and not to insult someone. Furthermore, it is your wedding, and you get to call the shots.

Should you have a reception somewhere public?

Having your reception at a restaurant will cut down your expenses immensely, as you will not have to pay for renting or for chairs. However, you will have to make sure that you reserve it ahead of time, so that there will be plenty of room, and that your guests do not have to fight who will sit where nor with whom. Moreover, you have to ensure that the food and drinks are aplenty, though skip the four course meal, as it tends to be quite expensive.

What kind of food to serve?

Often it is best to go with appetizers, or to serve all you can eat. Not only will it be cheaper, but it will be a good way to have people mingle a bit, and they will choose what they like to eat the most on their own. Furthermore, you can make dinner lighter as well, as they will be already full on food, and you can cut your bills down a bit.Saving money on your wedding expenses by

Where to hold it?

Even if in the off-season, it is a good idea to think about various places where the wedding could take place. Sydney has many beach wedding venues, which are not expensive, but, they will look amazing, and your wedding ceremony will be something to remember. On the other hand, the seaside can be beautiful even in the fall, and it might provide an extra shade of romance for the whole wedding.

Is it a wedding?

When shopping for supplies, or when agreeing on terms and conditions for the venue, food and drinks, try to avoid telling everyone that it is for a wedding. You will be happier in the end, as you will not have to pay as much. However, keep an eye out as some places do offer deals for weddings, which is when you should mention it.

Say: I do

After bringing everything together, and making sure that you do not have to pay a small fortune to get married, it is time to stand in front of your partner and say the magical words: I do. Maybe it would seem that you are being frugal, but, after all, it is your wedding, and everything should be going as you imagine.


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