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Marketing on a Limited Budget

Many small businesses find themselves in a contradictory position. They cannot afford to back up their marketing efforts with serious funds, yet that seems like the only way to get the enterprise off the ground. In such a situation, getting the most out of marketing activities is a top priority. To make sure that every dollar counts, marketers must first do a proper research and find who the target audience is. Only then it is time to summon cheap and effective marketing strategies for getting the word out.

Content marketing

Great content is the king on the internet. A business blog, for example, is a great way to build reputation in the industry, boost the SEO efforts, and spread brand awareness. Offer an insight into best practices, give a list of advice, or create instructional videos. Furthermore, create accounts on the big social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and see if you can come up with an attention-grabbing content. Infographics are popular eye candies, but they also provide digestible information. Such content is quite sharable, and is likely to generate some referral traffic and links. And when there is nothing new on the horizon, breathe new life into content that already exists on the web, or recycle your own.

Social networks

Getting into social media marketing is paramount, indeed, as that is where the customers spend a big chunk of their time. Hold contests where user-generated content is gathered, and customer engagement increased. The prize does not even have to hit your wallet hard, as long as it is something original. Discover ways to forge new business partnerships on specialized networks such as LinkedIn. This could lead to joint projects and campaigns, exchange of knowledge, etc. Moreover, gaining twice as much notice and recognition will get you on a fast train to success.  Done right, inexpensive content marketing always drives sales and helps companies conquer new markets.

Gifts and giveaways

Next, come up with a customer referral program, and award loyalty with discounts, coupons or free products. Some companies chose an item that provides a certain spending power like a visa gift card, while others pick promotional products such as T-shirts and pens. Do not worry about the costs much because word-of-mouth promotion is a powerful marketing tool that does the heavy lifting for you. Speaking of cards, make sure you have a business one at your side always. Every handshake should be followed with a card giveaway. Do not forget the good old e-mails, and get as much people as possible to sign for your newsletter.

Guerilla marketing

Finally, get to know the innovative tactics of guerilla marketing. Creativity is the main weapon in the arsenal of marketing guerrilla fighters, not money. Note that urban environments are bustling with cool spaces and opportunities to spark interest with original thinking. So, you know a street artist? Ask him to make some business-related graffiti on an abandoned storefront. Think about some publicity stunts and trends like flesh mobs. Good publicity snowballs, but bad one spreads like wildfire, so plan in advance and execute with caution.

With a bang

Running marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget is a daunting task.  Yet, big funds or not, marketing is something every company needs to invest time and money in.  The good thing is that there is no shortage of marketing tactics you can apply without blowing the budget.  Utilize the immense potential content and social media marketing, connect with other businesses and bigwigs in the niche, call in your guerrilla squads, and let the content customers do the marketing for you.  This will enable you to get more bang for your buck, and stay ahead of the curve.

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