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How Visual Features Influence Product Sale

Nowadays, practicality still may be the primary trait of any product, but the ability to sell one has surpassed the more traditional approaches to business and marketing. It has become art to some extent. Being able to captivate a potential consumer with more than just innate instincts is something that every job-seeking person has to display. All sorts of different skills are required, which together combined and implemented create an attractive package that will always take precedence in the modern selling industry. One way to enhance the overall experience is through the design of visual identity.

Colours always affected our mindsHow Visual Features Influence Product Sale by

We see a spectrum of three primary colours (blue, yellow, red) which melded together create a rainbow of hues and shades that our brain can physically perceive. We are always hypnotized by the vibrant, beautifully arranged and complementary combinations; and this consequently is why colours and salesmanship is deeply intertwined. Even black has a certain mystifying allurement that can sell products, for instance, in the fashion industry, but on the other hand, you will seldom see a black colour used for selling toys and other baubles, since lively tones are what entice the child’s imagination and creativity.

Psychologists and artists say that if you want to target a particular audience, you have to know with what combination you have to strike. A great example is the use of red, black and white, with an emphasis on the red, since it is considered to be the most successful marketing tool for attracting a variety of consumers. Some think of Coca Cola, while to others the band The White Stripes can come to mind. Nevertheless, it is powerful.

Power of the WebHow Visual Features Influence Product Sale by

Everyone is present online these days, so as a result, many visual items are available with a click of the mouse. The globally widespread Internet has allowed us to perfect the graphic software design and has enabled countless artists to express themselves, their craft and their wits. It’s actually curious how easily an expensive graphic designer can be replaced, since everyone can quickly learn how to create visual experiences. The only thing that distinguishes the best from the rest is the unique content.

So, if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your product/service, you can pretty much hire anyone from around the world for a decent price. You give them some guidelines, let them develop the idea and everything else is hard work. However, online visuals may pop up on your monitor and you can search for whatever you desire, but sometimes a tangible piece of work made by printing services if a far better thing to have.

Everything is a pictureHow Visual Features Influence Product Sale by

Once again, the Internet has made clear why there is an obvious connection between visual appeal and selling. Social media in particular has enabled us to exchange so many pictures, videos and images because all of them are tools for communication. Take for instance Instagram – this social network has become globally popular since it primarily revolves around visual expression. Online chats are filled with miniature images or emoticons that play a peculiar role of our facial expressions that otherwise our online communication recipients simply cannot see without a camera.

These visual additions have enhanced communications, so consequently the world of marketing, which also strives to get messages across, uses the similar method in order to reach out to a wider audience.

Marketing, consumerism, the Internet – they all have made this century a time where information is rapidly shared all over the world. Delicate and finer branches have emerged, advertising has become intricate, buyers have developed specific habits and every business is aiming to satisfy the needs of their customers. Visual features most definitely make a huge difference and is considered an inevitable part of the selling industry. So no matter if you attract or push away potential clients, one thing is certain – you simply cannot do anything without painting a picture.

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