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Colours and Productivity: Which Colours Increase Productivity?

When it comes to employee and office productivity, there are numerous factors that can influence it. Starting from wages, benefits and the overall atmosphere, people seem to forget about the small things, that is the environment and the things they are surrounded with. It is often thought that office space should be painted beige or simply in some light colour, in order to avoid people being aggressive or even depressed, but there seems to be something more to it. In fact, there is a certain body of research which deals with the effects of colours on business. This means that the choice of the colour scheme in your office will influence your work and have a dramatic effect on your visitors and clients. In the following four paragraphs you will read about colours that can increase productivity at work.

BlueColours and Productivity: Which Colours Increase Productivity? by

Blue is the colour that pacifies the senses and relieves stress, which is why it is ideal for big offices with a lot of people. In order to increase productivity and remove distractions in your company, use the colour blue for office chairs and walls so as to help your employees feel calm and relaxed. This colour is, in fact, ideal for stimulating performance and since it symbolises loyalty, you can even ask your employees to wear blue shirts for work. Some even recommend that you wear black suit for a business interview because this will show respect and your allegiance to the company you want to work in.


Another colour that relieves stress and helps employees feel tranquil is green. Green is the colour of nature and people feel better when surrounded by it. Since it evokes relaxed mood, it also calms the nerves and is associated with positive emotions. Brighter shades of green can cause soothing emotions, darker are associated with money and prosperity, whereas some other nuances and shades can make people feel sick. So, if your office seems nervous, if people are anxious, try making a green logo for your company, and have them wear it and see it on everyday basis in order to please their senses and make them feel more comfortable.

RedColours and Productivity: Which Colours Increase Productivity? by

The best colour that can stimulate brain activity, increasing heart and respiration rates at the same time, is red. People usually think that red is associated with anger, but in business, red is important to be used as accent colour. This does not mean painting your walls red. Instead, in order to increase your employees’ performance on detail-oriented assignments, you should decorate your room with red objects, such as furniture, lamps and wall art. It stands out and gives the illusion that time passes faster, reviving the metabolism and raising blood pressure. So, if your employees seem to be distracted and lack willingness, add some red design in your office space and your problems are solved. Especially if you are in the food business, you can decorate your website with red in order to raise food sales.


Yellow is the colour that if usually associated with optimism, fun and happiness. It causes people feel more confident and creative. Yellow seems to be crucial in the field of graphic design, which is why it is recommended for such offices. If you want to make your employees feel positive and happy, you can add pops of yellow colour to your office design, such as in artwork and floor rugs (here you can find more information on buying rugs online). Yellow enhances concentration and is considered to be an optimistic colour, but take care not to overcrowd the office with yellow things because people tend to lose their temper in completely yellow rooms.

And finally, do not forget that there are more factors that can influence productivity at work, such as the lighting – meaning that the work space should be well lit, the objects and their ordering – meaning that you should declutter the office and keep it clean at all times, as well as room temperature and even scents which can improve your focus, alertness and help you relax during a stressful day at work. Try to combine them and tell us what you have found out!

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